Melissa Tsang

Hi, I’m Melissa! 

I’m an entrepreneurial product manager. My goal is to build well-designed products with amazing user experiences that solve real problems.

Originally from Bethesda, MD, I went to school at Rice University, and now currently live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Work experience

Most recently, I spent the past year building a consumer app called Cusoy, a curated restaurant finder for people who are gluten-free, and then an enterprise/B2B app called Aecore, a SaaS project management tool for general contractors. Both were simultaneously the most difficult and tremendously educational experiences of my life.

Prior to Cusoy and Aecore, I previously worked as the first associate product manager at Evernote and did a product management internship at RetailMeNot and sales/marketing internship at Square. Prior to that, my background was in investment banking.

Outside of work

I really love Noon Pacific playlists, lifting heavy things followed by HIIT sprints, working on my golf game, drinking dirty chai’s + earl grey tea + cabarnet sauvignon, reading books and The New York Times, practicing minimalism, traveling to new places and above all… learning new things, everyday.

I also love meeting smart, interesting people.

You can find me on Twitter at @melissatsang or email me.