Hi, I’m Melissa!

I’m an entrepreneurial product manager. I strive to build well-designed products with amazing user experiences that solve real problems.

Originally from Bethesda, MD, I went to school at Rice University, and now currently live and work in San Francisco.

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Work experience

I currently work as a product manager at Lending Club, specifically on medical, tutoring and K-12 tuition loans.

Prior to Lending Club, I spent the past year building a consumer app called Cusoy, a curated restaurant finder for people who are gluten-free, and then an enterprise/B2B app called Aecore, a SaaS project management tool for general contractors. Both were simultaneously the most difficult and tremendously educational experiences of my life.

You can read more about Cusoy in my Six Month Challenge series, and Aecore in my B2B SaaS Venture Challenge series.

Prior to Cusoy and Aecore, I previously worked as the first associate product manager at Evernote and did a product management internship at RetailMeNot and sales/marketing internship at Square. Prior to that, my background was in investment banking.

Outside of work

I love Noon Pacific playlists, trying new restaurants in San Francisco, lifting heavy things followed by HIIT sprints, drinking lattes and cabarnet sauvignon, reading books and The New York Times, traveling to new places and above all… learning new things, everyday.

I also love meeting smart, interesting people.

Find me on Twitter at @melissatsang or email me.